Sara and Casey • Engagement

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph a long time friend of mine, Sara. Sara is someone I have known for years (almost twelve if I am counting correctly). She had asked me to photograph her and her fiancé, Casey, during the winter time, and we found a warm spring day to head out to Elm Creek Park Reserve to create some great images to announce their engagement.

It's a huge honor to be able to work with people who I consider friends, and to be able to play such an important role in capturing images that mark the beginning of their lives together. We had such a fun time taking these photos, and I am really happy to be able to share a few of them below!


Cherub at First Avenue

A few weeks ago, I attended Cherub's performance at First Avenue. They were doing two shows, back-to-back, one on a Friday evening, and one on a Saturday. This particular Friday was my second occasion seeing Cherub perform, having seen them perform previously in 2015, again, at First Avenue. After Friday's performance, I was given the opportunity to photograph their Saturday evening set.

This was the first show I had photographed since July of 2015. In August I parted with my Canon gear, and decided to move to a Fuji kit. This is the first show I attempted to capture with my newly acquired Fujifilm X-T10 and Fujinon 23mm 1.4. It was definitely a different experience, however, I was really happy with how the X-T10 performed, albeit, don't make the mistake of leaving the electronic shutter on—turn that off for a live music setting to save yourself from any sort of digital artifacts that may present themselves given the changing lighting.

Alas, enjoy the images below :)

It was so terrific to see Cherub perform two nights in a row, and for the opportunity to photograph them. I want to thank Cherub for having me come out and capture their set, and recommend to check them out if they are nearby!

Jeremiah and Lani • Proposal

On a slightly overcast Friday afternoon, I met up with J-Jay at Hidden Falls Park in Saint Paul, as he prepared to propose to his girlfriend, Lani.


J-Jay had asked me a few days beforehand to be involved, photographing the proposal, and doing some photographs of he and Lani afterwards.


It was a very fun afternoon, and such an honor to photograph this important time for these two!